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A Day on the River - One of the many summer things to do in Edmonton

EDMONTON CANOE offers days of fun on the water from middle of May to end of September in and around Edmonton.

Perfect for families and individuals are the popular canoe trips every Saturday or Sunday down the North Saskatchewan River from Devon to Edmonton, or from the Genesee Bridge to the Devon bridge. The two day trip from the Genesee bridge all the way to Edmonton makes a perfect summer weekend.

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On Sunday afternoon you can admire the downtown skyline while the current takes you on a 2 to 3- hour trip from Emily Murphy Park to Capilano Park.

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During Happy Hour on the River, on summer weekdays after work, you drift through the downtown river valley, take your mind off the job, watch the sunset over Edmonton.

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Click on the links above to create your own wilderness getaway with a rented canoe, or join a guided and outfitted multi-day canoe expedition.

Edmonton Canoe is a tour company dedicated to the preservation of wild places and all things wild. We are based not far from Devon, Alberta, close to the North Saskatchewan River.

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We rent canoes only in combination with our shuttle service.

Edmonton Canoe: 780-470-5352

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Alberta Environment, river flow rates.

We cancel trips on the North Saskatchewan River if the flow rate in Edmonton is above 500 m3/s.
Read last 6 digits in the right hand column (345.678)
the flow rate is between 345 and 346 m3/second

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